The HIT Wing mast

A proven performer on the international scene. The HIT wing mast has been developed continuously over the last 5 years together with Ceilidh Composite Technologies B.V. who are also known for their Europe mast successes. Manufactured in an aluminum mold with advanced pre-impregnated materials, our masts are proven performers on the international scene.

More than 1600 HIT masts have been distributed to some of the best Finn sailors around the globe. E.g. at the Finn World Masters in 2005 there were 118 Devoti boats, 162 North sails and 68 HIT masts!


Materials and Construction

The masts are layered-up – layer for layer – with a combination of different stiffness carbon fibers. While most of each mast is manufactured using industry standard T-700 grade fibers, the localized stiffeners can only perform as required by using a higher grade (M40J) fiber. Further strength is added by use of woven cloths, which are orientated to reduce the influence on the stiffness of the mast. The dynamic response of the mast is carefully controlled by the combined use of the fibers at specific points in the section. This results in being able to regulate the amount of twist in the mast while sailing. All the masts are cured under identical conditions with an internal pressure bag system at 3,5 bar in the custom built oven set to 120°C.



All HIT masts are customized for the helmsman. Weight and sailing experience is a major issue when customizing the mast for speed and sail handling. We recommend North Sails for HIT masts.